2013 Testimonials
Hi Heather,
 Great show as always.  Nat had a great time doing the show.  Hard to believe she's been going there 5 years now.
Thanks again,


Just wanted to let you know we loved the recitals!  Thank you for everything you do to make the shows work for all the dancers.  You can see all of your hard work in the beautiful dances from the little ones all the way up to the teenage/adult dancers.  You are teaching them a lot of great qualities, I saw a lot of cooperation and helping each other with the dancers backstage.  Whether it was helping with hair and makeup, quick changes, entertaining the little girls, or even helping out with a broken shoe.  The dancers just work together and make it all work so they can shine onstage.  Thank you so much for that love of dance that you share with all the students.  You are such an important part of Kara's and our lives.  Thank you so much!Dee Naples  :)

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Wow-I just had to tell you how wonderful we all thought the show was.
It was so much fun and they all did such a great job!!  The all seemed
perfect in their parts.  Just so sorry its over (for Middletown).
- Deborah Kelly 


Hi Heather!

I just wanted to let you know that we loved the recitals and had a great time!  Kara came home yesterday and was sad because dance was over and she wanted to do it again.  
She LOVED helping with the little girls!  I told Miss Laurie and Miss Tania how she loved it and they said that both of them would like her help in any of their classes.  If you need a helper for any little girl classes, Kara would love to do it.  
Thank you so much for the cast gift.  Kara loves her bag!
Thank you so much,
Dee Naples
Awesome job both nights on the recital!!
- Catherine Weishaupt



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I want to commend and thank you for a great dance season this year. Kenley thoroughly enjoyed both of her classes. She loved both teachers that she had a chance to work with (Christina and Jamie). I was also very impressed with the staff,the organization of events, and the detailed information I received as a parent. You run a wonderful school and we look forward to returning next season. I will be
mailing our registration in one day this week. Thanks!!  
- Stacy Cook
Thank you for being so kind to Emily.  This was a difficult year for her but you helped out at every turn.  What wonderful recitals they were.  
I think it has been hard for her to "fit into" the dance studio life
again.  But after all of the fun we had in the last two weeks, I think
the hard work paid off because she received a lot of kudos from other
dancers and that's exciting for her.  I'm pretty sure that she is
prepared and desires to continue dancing.  I was certainly unsure
towards the end of the year but am convinced more than ever that she
wants to live the dance life.
Anyhow, Heather, thank you for everything. 
- Susan
Hi Miss Heather!
Thanks for making Gianna's first year as a ballerina so exciting!  
- Amy Starr
Thanks for everything this year.  I thought the recital was wonderful!!!
- Deborah Kelly

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2007 Recital (Television Tunes):

Melissa went to the recital tonight. I was great! We really missed not be part of the show this year. It was sad for both us. I love the hip hop! Melissa and I are thinking of trying it this summer. I still have my pilates pass too. I'll look on the website for the class dates and times and let you know what we're going to do.

Congrats on another successful show!



We had a good time. The girls cracked me up at the intermission. They were dancing around (both of them), doing cartwheels, tapping, etc. It was too funny! We had to leave at about 8:20, so we didn't' get to see everything. Great job!


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2006 Christmas party:

Dear Miss Heather,

This is our first year of dance at your studio and our first ever Christmas party this past weekend.  I just wanted to express what a wonderful party/recital you and your staff hosted!  My family really enjoyed it and we were so impressed with all the dancers.  The seating, length of the party, food and gift exchange were so well planned and your attention to all those details made it an enjoyable event, truly!  I just wanted to say we appreciate the work that went into that and congratulate you on a job well done!  So many times people are only vocal when things go wrong and I would just like to show my appreciation of what's right :)

Happy Holidays!
The Delpercios'


2006 recital GREASE:

I don't know what to say other than I thought it was fantastic.  My family all couldn't stop talking about the wonderful job everyone did at the recital.  You must be so proud. 

I wanted to thank you for a great year and for all you have done for Megan.  She loved everything about dance this year.  Your teachers and staff were terrific, helpful and patient.  I look forward to next year!! See you soon!

Debi K.


Heather... We loved the show. Angela had a fantastic time. Love how it is 2 hours and show a lot of the kids not
just the same group over and over.  Angela's grandparents came and enjoyed it big time... My mom cried when they did the ballet song... beautiful dress!!!  Anyway We want to say yeah to the Dance team. When we sign up for something it is a true commitment and we know how hard you work to get everything together. 

Thanks...Gloria P.

Heather - it was a GREAT recital!   Thank you for all you've done
for Deanna!  And that gift of a  78 record was a great idea!!!!  I loved it!  

Thanks, Sharon



First of all, I want to let you know that all of our family members that attended the recital absolutely LOVED the program and the way you showcased the dancers. The "Grease" theme made it so much fun!! I think this is the first "recital" for them where it seemed more like a show than an actual recital. You and your staff did a great job!!

 Kathy R.


Heather... We loved the show. Angela had a fantastic time. Love how it is 2 hours and show a lot of the kids not just the same group over and over. Angela's grandparents came and enjoyed it big time... My mom cried when they did the ballet song... beautiful dress!!!

Gloria P.


I don't know what to say other than I thought it was fantastic. My family all couldn't stop talking about the wonderful job everyone did at the recital. You must be so proud.

Debi K.

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Congratulations on your wins Saturday.  I think they did an excellentjob.  I was proud. 

I want to Thank you so very much for all the time you put into Kait for her dance audition and allowing her to go to NYC with you and your staff.

She had a wonderful time and will cherish that experience for life.  She wants to dance so much.  You are the BEST. 

Thank you.  Shelly C.

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Miss Heather & the staff of Miss Heather's School of Dance,

Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done with Kara.  I can't believe what she was able to achieve in both of her dance classes.  To see her perform in the recital, I don't think anybody could imagine what she has overcome to have a normal little girl's dream of dancing.  You have worked miracles with her.  She has danced at two other dance schools, but neither was able to get her to perform and feel confident in herself.  You have made such a difference with her self esteem.

When Kara was one month old, the doctors looked at her X-Rays & MRIs and told me she might not be able to walk.  Look at her now!  (... she has been through many surgeries, ...)  She has to wear braces on her feet all the time other than when she is dancing.

You helped Kara with the one thing she really wants every day - to be normal.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to make her dreams come true!  You are all very wonderful, special people.

Thank you,  

Dee N.














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